The Indispensible Resource


97% of Earth's water is salt water in oceans and seas.

About 2% of Earth's water is in snow and ice; 69.6% of world's freshwater. (less every year as icecaps and glaciers melt away.)

Less than 1% of Earth's water is available for use; 30% is in groundwater that is being pumped and depleted more quickly than it is recharged.

Only about 0.3% of the freshwater on the planet is in lakes, rivers, and wetlands.

Almost 70% of water usage is for growing food.

Total freshwater amounts to about 9.25 million trillion gallons.

There are 83 million more people on the planet every year.



One out of eight people worldwide lack access to clean water.




3.3 million people die each year from water-related health problems




46% of world population does not have water piped to home